Criminal Motions Litigation

If you believe you have been improperly charged, wrongfully convicted, or even if you have exhausted the appeals process and are seeking to mount a collateral challenge against your conviction, Mr. Baker is an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to the needs of defendants at every stage of the criminal process. In addition to litigating criminal appeals, his practice also includes handling pre-trial challenges to the indictment and post-conviction/post judgment motion relief including motions to withdraw pleas based on erroneous advice involving the chances of deportation or removal of non-citizens.

Whether you are involved in the state or federal appellate process, Mr. Baker has vast experience in every stage of criminal motion litigation.

If you have the financial means to retain private counsel, Mr. Baker can assist you or your trial attorney, for example, with the following criminal litigation issues:

  • Evidentiary strategies and in limine applications
  • Challenges to indictment prior to trial
  • Challenges to the verdict before sentencing
  • Challenges to the judgment following sentencing

Criminal Motion Litigation: Pre- and Post-Trial

Every stage of the criminal process involves its own complex set of rules and procedures. Whether you have been recently charged or indicted, you are facing trial, or you have already been convicted, it is imperative that you seek trusted and experienced legal guidance to employ the strategy, dedication, and passion necessary to optimize the chances for ultimate success. If there is a remedy, Mr. Baker will aggressively pursue it on your behalf. Contact Mark M. Baker, Esq. today to schedule an initial consultation or case evaluation regarding your criminal defense or appeal

Wrongful Convictions

Several of Mr. Baker’s clients have been released from prison after he was able to demonstrate their actual innocence, even after all of their appeals had been exhausted. If you believe that you were wrongfully convicted and you have already completed and been through the appeals process, please contact Mark M. Baker, Esq. If new evidence is now obtainable, Mr. Baker may well be able to assist you in your continued pursuit to establish actual innocence even after your conviction and the appeals process has ended.

Contact Mark M. Baker, Esq. today for more information on the criminal defense and post-judgment motion process.