Justice delayed need not be justice denied: highly seasoned criminal appeals and post-conviction attorney.

Aggressive and thorough in his approach, Mark M. Baker has a proven record of success in criminal appellate actions and post-conviction litigation. Mr. Baker understands the urgency of your case and what’s at stake. Let Mark M. Baker put his advocacy skills to work for you.

Challenging a criminal conviction is a daunting process full of complex rules and procedures. If you have been convicted of a crime and are considering an appeal or other post-verdict/post-conviction litigation, representation by an experienced, accomplished appellate lawyer is critical.

New York State Court of appeals, the highest court in the state, in which Mr. Baker has made over 25 appearances.
New York State Court of appeals, the highest court in the state, in which Mr. Baker has made close to 25 appearances.

Mark M. Baker, Esquire

Mark M. Baker, Esq., is an aggressive and creative New York City criminal appeals and post-verdict/post-conviction attorney who concentrates his practice on appeals and post-conviction/post-judgment motion litigation in the New York state and federal courts. If you have the financial means to retain private counsel for your appeal, post-conviction motion or habeas corpus motion, you can benefit from Mr. Baker’s support, advocacy and knowledge.

Accomplished Attorney for High-Profile Cases and Average Citizens

New York State Court of appeals, the highest court in the state, in which Mr. Baker has made over 25 appearances.
Façade of the New York State Court of Appeals

Mr. Baker has concentrated for almost four decades on helping people convicted of serious crimes to protect their rights and their liberty from infringement by the state and federal governments. Early in his career, Mr. Baker served for 10 years as a prosecutor concentrating in appellate work. In the more than three decades since then, he has focused on criminal defense work, including criminal motions litigationfederal habeas corpuspost-conviction and post-judgment collateral challenges, and criminal appeals.

Along with handling successful appeals and post-conviction/post-judgment motions based on legal error, Mr. Baker has personally walked numerous clients out of prison after demonstrating their actual innocence. (See video link from January 29, 2017: Mr. Baker’s discussion at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale of three instances wherein he engineered the exoneration of those individuals, and which includes appearances by his exonerated client, Anthony DiPippo, as well as exoneree Jeffrey Deskovic, founder of the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice.) In addition to representing average citizens, he has handled appellate litigation for several national political figures, high-profile businessmen, and he has been involved in numerous celebrated cases.

Mr. Baker is perhaps best known as the legal counsel who strategized the evidentiary issues that contributed to Bernhard Goetz’s 1987 acquittal of all subway shooting charges (Now featured in Netflix’s “Trial By Media”). For more than the last four decades, in both the New York and federal courts, he has oftentimes either won appellate reversals, or modifications, or sentence reductions, e.g. People v. Giuliano, People v. Streitferdt, People v. Spinelli, People v. DiPippo, People v. Pordy, and People v. Nisthalal, People v. Alma Caldavado, People v. Dhillon, People v. Dhillon II, United States v. Couto, and United States v. Litwok, dismissals of charges, e.g. People v. Galgano, People v. Gallagher, People v. Goldman, People v. Hassan, or he has successfully argued for dramatic changes in the judicial interpretation of applicable criminal law, e.g. People v. Goetz, People v. Wolf and People v. McCray. In October 2016, following his victory in the Court of Appeals in the DiPippo matter, he participated in the defendant’s third trial which resulted in a complete exoneration after the accused had spent 20 years in prison.

Protecting Your Rights and Liberty

Courtroom of the Appellate Division, First Department, serving Bronx and New York Counties
Courtroom of the Appellate Division, First Department, serving Bronx and New York Counties

When you are represented by Mr. Baker, you can trust that your rights will be protected and that you will receive a strategic and results-driven appeal or motion for relief from your criminal conviction. Mr. Baker will personally examine the record and facts of your case and create compelling arguments on your behalf. Depending on your situation, arguments may include:

Mr. Baker handles appeals or post-conviction/post-judgment collateral motions for an exhaustive range of criminal convictions, including white collar crimes involving fraud, larceny, money laundering and tax evasion, and violent crimes such as homicide, robbery, burglary and sex offenses, as well as drug offenses, to name a few.

If you believe you have grounds for an appeal of your criminal conviction, or that a collateral challenge post-conviction/post-judgment motion lies to contest your conviction, resulting from previously undisclosed error, there is newly discovered evidence available, your attorney deprived you of effective assistance of counsel, or you were prejudiced by one or more of a host of other potential defects leading to your conviction, contact Mr. Baker for more information.