Newly Discovered Evidence of Innocence

Assistance Challenging Convictions Based on Newly Discovered Evidence

Newly discovered evidence often surfaces after a criminal conviction. In some circumstances, lawyers may use newly discovered evidence that proves a defendant’s actual innocence to challenge a conviction. Mark M. Baker, Esq., based in New York City, uses newly discovered evidence of innocence and other reviewable issues to create compelling arguments for clients who believe they have been wrongly convicted of a crime and are in fact actually innocent.

If you have appealable issues, or newly discovered evidence of innocence not reflected in the record in the trial court — and you have the financial means to retain private counsel — Mr. Baker can provide you with experienced, qualified representation. Mr. Baker began his career in appellate criminal law in 1972 and has been involved in cases involving high-profile cases and cases involving average people.

Types of Newly Discovered Evidence

Often, newly discovered evidence of actual innocence is raised through either state or federal collateral post-conviction proceedings that are designed to correct injustices in your case. The newly discovered evidence can be nearly any type of evidence, including:

  • DNA evidence that exonerates you
  • Other evidence of mistaken identity
  • New eyewitness evidence that shows your innocence
  • New forensic evidence showing an underlying injury or other cause for injury

Like all post-conviction/post-judgment criminal motions and appellate litigation, challenges based on newly discovered evidence involve complex rules and procedures, including the need to demonstrate earlier due diligence. If you believe that newly discovered evidence in your case demonstrates your actual innocence, Mr. Baker will determine whether an appeal or post-conviction/post-judgment motion for relief can be based on newly discovered innocence or any other reviewable issues in your case and will effectively argue it before the appropriate court.

NEW YORK Proof of Actual Innocence Attorney

If you have the resources to challenge your conviction based on newly discovered evidence of actual innocence, contact Mr. Baker for more information.