Criminal Appeals

Appellate litigation and collateral post-conviction/post-judgment requires the eye of an exacting attorney to optimize a defendant’s potential for success. With Mr. Baker’s focused practice, he has learned to quickly identify issues in criminal cases that could potentially result in a successful appeal or collateral challenge through a post-conviction/post-judgment motion and either the dismissal of charges or a new trial based, for example, on judicial and prosecutorial errors, ineffective assistance of counsel, claims of evidentiary insufficiency, or the withdrawal of  a guilty plea that had been improperly entered. Mr. Baker is also experienced in federal court procedures, including federal habeas corpus litigation following exhaustion of state remedies. If your right to appeal has been properly preserved with the filing of a timely notice of appeal, or if you have grounds that would support a motion to vacate the judgment, a motion to withdraw a plea of guilty or a motion to set aside a verdict,  and if you have the financial means to retain private counsel, your judgment of conviction might be successfully challenged if viable, reviewable issues exist and it is properly handled by an experienced appeals lawyer and attorney. Contact Mark M. Baker, Esq. today to retain us for an evaluation of your potential challenge by appeal or post-conviction/post-judgment motion to your conviction or sentence.

Federal Review of State Judgments

After the state appellate process, you may be able to seek review in the federal courts, by way of habeas corpus petition, if you have exhausted state remedies on federal constitutional issues and you proceed within one year of your judgment of conviction becoming of the final, exclusive of tolled time. This is called the statute of limitations, which provides a time frame for the defendant to pursue a federal petition for a writ of habeas corpus petition.With appropriate legal guidance, your case could potentially be taken to the federal courts and your judgment of conviction  effectively reversed or vacated even after it had been unsuccessfully litigated in the state appellate system. As an experienced habeas corpus attorney, Mr. Baker has the knowledge of both the state and the federal court systems to pursue your remedies.Contact Mark M. Baker, Esq. today to schedule your case evaluation.While the federal habeas corpus process is difficult and complex, it can nevertheless be managed with potential success by experienced counsel. With Mr. Baker’s involvement, you can be confident that your federal petition will be properly and effectively handled should there exist the potential for successful review.